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Market Research

Cushman & Wakefield fully realizes the critical need for accurate and timely information in order to provide recommendations to our clients that are based on market realities. As such, we have made a company-wide commitment to systematically collect, organize, and analyze market data and other pertinent information.

The only global full-service commercial real estate firm to track property data in the world’s key business centers, Cushman & Wakefield does not purchase and rely on statistics from a third-party source. Our proprietary database and skilled analysts give us the tools to customize information, whether it be by size range, custom submarket or product type. Our ability to truly add value comes from providing clients with creative alternatives to their specific real estate requirements, many of them hidden from cursory market research techniques. These creative solutions give our clients the upper hand for the entire life span of a transaction.

Our Greater Los Angeles research team is supported by Cushman & Wakefield’s global research capabilities, providing detailed economic and demographic data, as well as custom research analytics and mapping capabilities for all commercial property types.

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