Asset Services “Pies” It Forward

Winning recipients at Glendale Center and Business Arts Plaza

Jennifer Mohler, Cindy Cerda, and Annie Paek of Asset Services in Los Angeles kicked off the holidays by coordinating a Pie-It-Forward event at properties they manage. In celebration of Thanksgiving, tenants from Business Arts Plaza in Burbank, California and Glendale Center in Glendale, California were asked to “pie it forward” by nominating one person from their respective departments or teams for whom they were especially thankful. A total of 10 winning entries were selected and each recipient was surprised with delivery of a full-size pumpkin pie.

“The feedback from tenants was immediate and very positive. Given the event’s popularity, we’ve been asked to institute this as an annual event,” said Portfolio Manager Jennifer Mohler.

Pie-It-Forward was a great way to spread cheer and remind everyone that Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all the things for which we are truly grateful. Happy holidays from Cushman & Wakefield!

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